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Sell on Etsy Successfully Guide - Tips and tricks from a Top 0.01% seller! - Instant Downloadable eBook

If you have an idea, a product or a talent, but like I didn't, you have are struggling to excel on Etsy then you are in the right place!

(Even if you are already selling on Etsy, there just might be one or two tips and tricks in here to take your store to the next level)

I started on Etsy as a complete novice, I had a product idea but no clue how to sell it, zero experience on any e-commerce marketplaces what, so, ever. So, trust me when I say I have made most of the mistakes you can make, learned from them and grown from them.

I believe everyone should have access to honest and genuine advice from a real seller without breaking the bank!

Here's a few reasons why I believe I am qualified to offer my advice:

- My store has surpassed 10,000 sales in 18 months
- My products have received over 1500 FIVE STAR reviews
- My Etsy Store has ranked in the top 0.01% of all sellers globally

My Sell on Etsy Successfully Guide includes the following key topics:

- Etsy in a nutshell
- Making your store appealing
- Branding, Imagery & Videos
- Product Titles, Descriptions, tags and keywords
- Delivery profiles and how to ship oversees
- Marketing (within Etsy and Outside of Etsy)
- A daily, weekly, monthly planner
- Tools and integrations

Of course, I cannot grantee that you will get sales from my tips and tricks, but even if you learn a handful of things, I have set the price fairly to make sure everyone gets value for money!

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