2020 Blog

2020 Blog

Welcome to 2020 the year the earth stood still, where every month felt like we were entering a new level of Jumanji!  

I'm sure I can speak for us all when I say we have never experienced anything like it, it's been pure chaos (to put it lightly). The sheer thought of being locked down sent most people into melt down mode, mums and dads were made full time entertainers and teachers overnight, people couldn't go to school or work and we became confined to our homes. I mean it's been a real lesson getting my head round Zoom to be involved on the work conference calls, interviewing via Microsoft teams and educating Grandparents on how to video call – but now it seems that we have a made it to the next level of jumanji, we are not out of the woods yet but we are in a much better place than we were 3 months ago. 

I've spent a lot of time recently reflecting on all those Thursday nights that we stood on our doorsteps clapping for carers, when singers and dancers started to perform to support our NHS, the game nights and facetiming for the family quiz and the kindness of strangers. It really makes you appreciate what we have now, the freedom we have back in our lives and the people we love being as safe and healthy as possible. 

Amongst the chaos the suffering, confusion and pain – we saw so much love and kindness and a new profound respect for each other; that is when Letterbox Love was born.

So, how did Letterbox Love go from idea to conception? 

After being inspired by so many amazing people, I started to see and feel more meaning and gratitude towards people, not just family and friends but I started to really appreciate everyone, from the delivery drivers who kept me sane with my beauty deliveries during lockdown, to the NHS and public service employees keeping us safe and protected, to the shop assistant who continued to go to work and help our community, to the local restaurant manager who turned his restaurant into a take away service so my husband could still enjoy local cuisine rather than my own terrible cooking… I could go on (I really really could) but a long story short I just simply had a new found love for the people that kept us going.  
So I started to write these emotions down, what I thought and felt and I wanted someone to know! I have never been a poet but as I wrote my ideas down, it just started to flow and many of my messages you see were inspired by the closest people around me. 

So, Why bracelets? 
I wanted a product that people could easily order, personalise and post to their loved ones. I wanted something that acted as a constant reminder to the recipient of how much they mean to someone and that they are thinking of you. The bracelets in our collection were handpicked, I went for as much variation as I could because after all, people's tastes really do differ and there are so many messages I wanted these bracelets to represent!
Keep on eye out though as we plan to expand into different areas of jewellery and always appreciate your take and feedback.  

Creating a brand that represents my products was easier that I thought, I went with my gut and my emotions on the name and it snowballed from there. Not without help of course! I have always been pretty resourceful and I know I can be creative but I wouldn’t know where to begin with graphic design, so my message cards were designed by the talented Sian Lawson. Sian was in the process of finishing off her studies at College in graphic design and what better opportunity to put those skills into practice than with Letterbox Love. With how amazing everything turned out you wouldn’t believe it was her first real project would you!? I am so proud to say that Sian was the person that created our brand logo and our message card templates, watch this space as that girl is going places! 

So there you have it, that is what I did in 2020, I would like to finish off by thanking each and every person that has ordered with Letterbox Love, you really are supporting a dream and it means the absolute world, I am always available to take enquiries, take on board your feedback, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch and say hello! 

Have a fabulous day and thank you for reading my first ever blog! 

Kerry - Founder of Letterbox Love