Lend them strength and inspiration

Wish your friend or loved one well and show them your support, no matter what they’re going through. Whether it’s someone starting a new adventure, setting new goals or tackling tough moments, our good luck bracelets at Letterbox Love are the perfect token for comfort and courage.


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Good Luck Bracelets

Good Luck Bracelets

From a lucky charm bracelet to leaving gifts, all our wish bracelets are accompanied by inspirational words in the form of poem cards.

Send good luck and positive thoughts to your friends — browse our good luck jewellery today.

Inspired by fairytales...

Enchanted Earrings

Lose yourself in whimsical fairy-tale magic with our beautiful new gold plated earrings, presented in a fairytale style book, complete with a meaningful poem and sentiment...

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Free gift wrapping

That's one less thing to think about!

From recycled pink tissue paper, LBL signature pink pouches and beautiful white boxes, every piece of jewellery comes gift wrapped to make your gift that extra bit special!

p.s our pink bubble mailer envelopes are made up of 40% recycled materials!