A Poem A Day Keeps The Blues Away: a blog about poems with jewellery accompanied to help encourage and soothe people.

A Poem A Day Keeps The Blues Away: a blog about poems with jewellery accompanied to help encourage and soothe people.

A poem a day keeps the blues away. Yes really, I do that every day. Reading and writing poetry is how I deal with most of my highs and lows.

A few years ago I started to write short poems for my own mental health as I found it so soothing to write special rhymes about the people that supported me, the people I admired and loved. The poems started to flow and were all different yet the same, just like each person who received them. Some poems are just meant to make you cry or maybe relieve you from stress and some poems are just meant to make you feel proud of yourself or make you smile. Ever since, I have been on a mission to improve the lives of people through poems and jewellery.

For me poetry is a way for me to express myself and ones that I feel strongly about, in 2020 I started to accompany them with bracelets and jewellery pieces… because who doesn’t love sparkly things?

Take our ‘Worry Angel’, this was the first poem I ever wrote for Letterbox Love, we all know that anxiety and depression can be debilitating. It can be hard to find the right gift for someone who suffers from either of these struggles. After being diagnosed many years ago with anxiety, I often felt no one could ever understand but they could listen…

That is what makes our Worry Angel gift so special, a simple gift to show that you are there to listen, not to judge but support and be there for a loved one struggling with anxiety and I promise you that will mean more than you know.

When you think of poetry, do you immediately picture Shakespearean times and some bloke pouring his heart out to a beautiful woman peering over a balcony? No? just me then. I feel like poetry has come a long way and doesn’t need to be a 10000-word count document, that’s why it’s such an arguably preferred writing style (ok maybe that’s just me again) but you can play around with poetry and believe it or not it doesn’t need to rhyme that’s just my preference because it’s simple and fun!

I will let you be the judge though! Take a look at our ever-expanding range of meaningful jewellery gifts perfectly placed with a poem with them in mind, I write the words so you don’t have to…

I want to share my poems with people and let them enjoy the words just like I do. I think it's important to have special pieces of jewellery in your life that can help you through the hard times and bring a smile to your face when you need it most. To conclude, poetry is a way for me to deal with the good, bad and ugly of life.