Christmas Message from Letterbox Love

Christmas Message from Letterbox Love

What a year.

Did you ever think that you might be sat at home during Christmas week, governed by tier restrictions?

Whichever tier you are currently sat in, please don’t cry into your mulled wine; just believe that brighter days are coming.  One day, you will actually sit there and say you did it!  Look at the personal  journey you’ve been on … listening intently to the radio each day; waking up to the news delivering more updates that would inevitably affect your life; selflessly making sure those you care about were doing ok; shopping local, supporting communities and charities and sending endless messages of support to your loved ones. Physically, 2020 put us further apart from each other but emotionally, it has brought us a lot closer together.

Letterbox Love saw so many messages in December; not just of Christmas blessings but messages of support, real love and pure kindness … you guys are amazing!  Sincerely, thank you - not only from us, but from the people you went out of your way for - simply to put a smile on their faces.  That one kind and selfless act has made a huge difference.

Where will your thoughts be this Christmas?

Granted, this may seem like an odd question.  What I mean by this is, rather than wondering what gifts might be under the tree this year (and how quickly we can share them on Instagram), how big the turkey might be, how grand the crackers are looking ... is it really as important as you thought it was last year?

2020 has taught us to love a little more and to appreciate the amazing people around us; the medical staff who have been our light through our darkest time and the incredible scientists who have given us the hope that keeps us going.  We can bring our thoughts a little closer to home and think of the delivery drivers working hard to ensure safe delivery of our special gifts and messages, our families, our friends, our neighbours. We’ve learned to be grateful and to show compassion for each other. Our health and our time is the most precious gift of all, as we think of those who have suffered losses this year.

So whatever kind of Christmas you are having, from my family to yours, I wish you the warmest Christmas and a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year!

Kerry - Letterbox Love