Have you ever wondered why we get so excited to give a gift?

Have you ever wondered why we get so excited to give a gift?

The dictionary definition of gift; a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

I am sure everyone has a different reason behind the excitement of gifting. For me, it’s because I feel I know that person well enough to know the thought behind the gift will make their whole day, and that little piece of jewellery with a whole lot of meaning will be the reason why that person smiles today. That means everything!

I don't believe it should cost the earth to bring some sparkle to someone’s day, do you? Hopefully Letterbox Love gifts have shown that. The same amount of care, attention and passion goes into making and packaging every order, as if we were giving it to that person ourselves!

Have you ever thought about the making of the gifts when you purchase on Etsy or from your favourite small business?

I’m sure a lot of small business owners can relate to the following…

As soon as that order pings through on my phone or laptop, my face lights up; I can’t wait to see what has been ordered and to read the loving, thoughtful message that has been added to it – that’s when the journey begins!

Don’t get me started on the bridal gifts! I still get butterflies! I remember my own wedding; spending hours looking for the perfect meaningful gift as I could never put into words how grateful I was for my amazing bridal party. The bridal poems within my collection were a pleasure to write and I get so much joy from seeing them go out. I often wish I could be a secret fly on the wall to see how they have been received and if it makes the recipient’s day!

Honestly, this mini cycle of thoughts happens every single time I send an order out - I wonder how this person will react when they see how much thought has gone into it from their sender. I wonder what the occasion might be. I wonder how it will be given. I wonder if they like the pink packaging. I wonder if (and I truly hope) it makes their day! For me, the sender has chosen a very specific item and, in most cases, a poem jewellery card to show love & support. You’d think that nearly 1 year on, I’d be packaging them up in a ‘conveyer belt style’ but no, NEVER! Our amazing customers have chosen our gifts and service for a reason and they will receive the same care and thoughtfulness from us every single time - that is our promise.

How does it make you feel when you receive a Letterbox Love gift?

I asked this question to a couple of our customers and thankfully the feedback was nothing but positive! Here are some of the words that came back to describe that feeling:

Warmth. Excitement. Love!

“When you receive that stunning shiny envelope, it is such a magical feeling, when you tear it open and find a beautifully wrapped bracelet (or earrings) with a poem chosen specifically for you, it is a feeling that will stay with you as it means so much.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself and I am so grateful that you feel the same. Letterbox Love is always here for you, here to make your day and here to make your recipient’s day.

Thank you for choosing to gift with Letterbox Love.