Is gold back in fashion?

Is gold back in fashion?

Someone asked me the other day, so is gold back in fashion? I mean for me, it was never out and if you EVER see me leave my house without my gold hoops for a night out something has seriously gone wrong!

If you follow the latest catwalk trends (I try my best) it looks like chain link jewellery seemed to be taking over and are now looking like the must haves for this season! But as Letterbox Love originated I must admit we were naturally drawn to our silver range as this just seemed to be the way to go and our research showed this is what our customers wanted.

Starting a small business was always going to be a case of trial and error and thankfully we have received so much feedback on our products and what people want from us and gold has come up over and over again in the last few months. If you spend only a few minutes on insta (or hours down a rabbit hole if you are like us) you can see the amazing shots of new lines of gold jewellery coming out in all manners of businesses. What is even more incredible is to see the smaller companies really spreading the love!

When did we start loving gold?

I got my love of gold jewellery from my Nana! Then my Aunty and my Mum, were you the same?  The first item of jewellery I was given as a tiny baby was a gold bangle. That bangle represents a tradition in our family and a sentiment that will forever exist and be passed on with the generations to come. I mean I don’t discriminate against gold, silver (and even rose gold), I like sparkly shiny things and always have done.

In the age old debate of gold v silver, like most fashions there have been cycles, trends and changes. Gold has always appeared to cost more, don’t you think?  I mean it comes with a carat rating which I do not testify to have a lot of knowledge on but then there is gold plated. I can imagine each and everyone of us have had the green wrist or finger after wearing a new ring or bracelet and after a few wears popped them into the jewellery box to be kept as ornaments rather than risk it. Thankfully, over time there has been a lot of improvement in the gold plated world and the quality has been vastly improved!

I’ve heard countless times about how you pick your jewellery based on your colouring and that gold just doesn’t suit some people. I suppose it is like anything, we all have our comfort zone but is 2021 the time for you to push that aside and don the layered gold necklace, a shiny pair of hoops or something to get you started like a pretty new stud? At the end of the day, one of the reasons we started this business is to make our customers happy so if you ask, we deliver. Our new gold range is already selling out pretty fast so if our sales are anything to go by then, yes Gold is back and hopefully here to stay.