Mental Health and The Power Of Letterbox Gifts

Mental Health and The Power Of Letterbox Gifts

Mental Health and The Power Of Letterbox Gifts

Mental health is now more important than ever, yet work-related stress can still get the better of us at times. With Letterbox Love you can surprise a loved one who is feeling lonely or depressed with a letterbox gift! Lift their spirits
and show them that you are thinking about them during a difficult time, with goodie boxes adorned with empowering messages to beautiful pieces of jewellery that reflects their unique sense of style!

Mental Health and Work Related Stress

The global pandemic has undoubtedly caused widespread fear, anxiety, and concern among the general public, and the effects of being apart from loved ones on mental health are very serious indeed. From grandparents across the country feeling more vulnerable than ever, to teenagers becoming isolated from their friends, it’s had an effect on all ages.

Sometimes when a loved one is suffering like this, no matter how much you try and console them or uplift them over the phone, our words can often fall short. But, with a special gesture and small letterbox gift, you can really show
them how much you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Letterbox gifts are not only affordable and beautiful but will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

Do You Know Someone Feeling Anxious At Home?

It’s true that the pandemic has affected people in many different ways and for many different reasons. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main factors causing people to feel alone, isolated, anxious, stressed and depressed.

Social Isolation

Although isolating and being physically distant is a precautionary measure to slow down the spread of COVID-19, experts suggest that solitude carries its own health risk. A lack of socialising can be damaging to your mental health
and cause you to feel lonely. When a friend, family member or loved one has to isolate due to COVID, it can really affect their mood. Especially if they have to isolate and miss out on a special occasion such as a wedding, baby
shower, christening or birthday. But jewellery and self-care boxes are an ideal letterbox gift that can make this time more manageable. They are completely safe as they can be put through your letterbox without the need for any
physical contact, which is crucial when isolating.

Work-Related Stress

According to the Mental Health Foundation, more than a third of full-time workers surveyed were fearful about losing their jobs, and this can make someone feel a loss of control of their financial future which can trigger depression and
work-related stress. From flight attendants now grounded to teachers struggling with Zoom lessons, the pandemic has derailed a lot of careers!
To combat work-related stress around job loss, remind your loved ones that you are always there for them by arranging for a letterbox gift to be sent to their home. There is no greater time to send empowering messages to
those who are clearly in need due to their deteriorating mental health. Letterbox gifts are extremely versatile, thoughtful and cost-effective. The positive parcel for instance is the ultimate pick me up for that special lady in your
life or perhaps your best friend or sister.

Cabin Fever At Home

People have spent significantly more time at home than normal during the past two years and this can give anyone cabin fever. For those now working remotely full-time, with minimal outdoor space, this new 9 to 5 lifestyle can be detrimental to mental health and your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. In the UK, one in every eight homes (12%) lacks access to a private or communal garden, so if your friend or relative is down in the dumps due to work- related stress, travel restrictions and isolation due to COVID, post some positivity with a letterbox gift.

For the week commencing the 7th February until 14th February 2022 Letterbox Love will be donating £1.00 from every order to Mind Charity.