A Magical Week with Letterbox Love at John Lewis & Partners, Nottingham!

A Magical Week with Letterbox Love at John Lewis & Partners, Nottingham!

This week, the iconic John Lewis & Partners store in Nottingham was stocked with the affordable gifts of Letterbox Love. We had our first pop-up event and it was an wonderful success, and we couldn't be more grateful to everyone who visited and made it such a memorable event!

It was a dream come true to bring our lovely gifts to you in the iconic store and meet some of our lovely customers in person!


Why Nottingham Loved It:

The John Lewis & Partners store in Nottingham proved to be the perfect venue for our pop-up shop. The store's ambiance and the wonderful staff contributed to the overall success of the event. The location made it convenient for both regular shoppers and those who specifically came to see our products.


Featured Products That Shined:

Hearing the reasons people gift from Letterbox Love makes it all worth while. Listening to the emotive stories of a loved one going through a difficult time and requiring a pick-me-up or the spontaneous self-love gift of a Serenity Stone crystal bracelet!

Some of the most popular gifts from the week have been:


1. The 7 Chakras Crystal Bracelet

We sold out of these beauties half way through the week! Our entire crystal range was really popular with the lovely shoppers in Nottingham.

Shop our full Crystal Healing range here.


2. The Tiny Turtle


Everyone heading on their summer holidays wanted the Tiny Turtle bracelets! These lovely gifts were flying out throughout the week.

Shop the Tiny Turtle Bracelet here.


3. Paws for Thought Bracelet Collection


Hearts have been melted in John Lewis & Partners this week with the Paws for Thought collection! People have been spotting their pooch and snapping up these bracelets.

Shop the Paws For Thought Collection.


4. Eco-friendly Elephant Poo Greetings Cards

Happy Birthday card featuring an elephant and a mouse. The elephant, Letty, is wearing a party hat and looking at a cupcake with a lit candle, held by the mouse, Pinky, who is also in a party hat. The card reads, "Happy Birthday to You... Here's a Card Made from Poo!" and "I'm made from sanctuary elephant poo!" at the bottom.

The first outing for our eco-friendly elephant poo greetings cards has been a huge success! The feedback has been wonderful and the shelves kept having to be re-stocked!

Shop the Elephant Poo Greetings Cards here.



A Heartfelt Thank You!

We are incredibly grateful to the Nottingham community and John Lewis & Partners for hosting us. Your enthusiasm and support made this event a fantastic success. We loved sharing the Letterbox Love experience with you and look forward to bringing more joy to you and your loved ones in the future!

Stay tuned for our next exciting venture and more products by visiting our new listings, Letterbox Love, and following us on social media.


Love, Team LBL x