Imagine quitting your job and setting up a business that you have no previous experience in, all during a global pandemic… crazy right!?

The last 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind, what we didn’t tell you is that we also had arguably the worst house move known to man thrown in on top of everything else. When I put that onto paper, even I realise how mad that all is and wow I need to cut myself some slack.

So, lets talk self-reflection. Letterbox Love is doing the best it has ever done, we are achieving milestones we never thought we would achieve and yet do you know what…I still compare myself, I still don’t feel good enough, not worthy enough and I can and should do better, sound familiar? But.. I am not going to start preaching to you about how you must change your mindset, I’m not going to do that. Instead, I am going to encourage you to make it work to your advantage and adapt to it if you can, which is what I am slowly learning to do. Stay with me here, I will tell you why!

See, that passion, fire and desire to succeed has also got me to where I am , I am incredibly proud of where I am in life, I am happy, I get comfort knowing that my work ethic will carry me, even when I doubt myself I know that my inner strength will take me to where I need to be. There are days when I push myself too far and feel tired, at that point I can’t see the wood for the trees and I will fiercely punish myself mentally for not being good enough, I start comparing myself to others on social media which quickly becomes a slippery slope.

In that time, rather than telling myself to have a different mindset and telling myself I must be happy, when I start feeling the clouds come over and tiredness kicks in, I take a step away from my phone, from work and TALK!!

Talking is so important, just that release, sometimes you don’t need to hear advice you just need that someone who will listen! When I am really struggling, Liam and me will go for a walk with Reggie and put the world to right. Even that small amount of time away is time to heal, to stop and by the time I am back my head is clearer, I am relaxed and I am ready for the next day.

No one told me how to run a business, how to set up a website, buy stock, design products, write poems and become a wizz on social media… I had to learn and make many many mistakes along the way. I will not claim to know everything as I am still learning and I set myself goals as well as deadlines to switch off for my own metal health.

Working on Letterbox Love does not feel like work to me, I enjoy it and all of the tears I endured to get here will pay off because I wont let it not. Once again that is my inner graft that I rely on so heavily and if you’re reading this and you can relate, I know you know that you have that ability too.

So now when you think of self-reflection firstly look at where you started and how far you have come. Think about that imposter syndrome who tells you, you can do better, adapt to it, take a rest and use it to push yourself and you will continue to achieve amazing things as you already have done so brilliantly. I know this wont work for everyone, it has taken me many years to get to this stage and I still have the odd battle with myself but the point is do what works for you, start celebrating the small wins and when you see no wins (alarm bells) that is your time to take a step back, relax, take time for yourself to heal and wait until things seem clearer and you are able to compliment yourself again.

Moral of the story is, you got this and you’re going to achieve amazing things, keep reflecting, learning and winning.