Small Business, Big Dreams

Small Business, Big Dreams

Small business, big dreams…

If you’re reading this you may own a small business, planning on starting your own business… or you’re just huge fans of Letterbox Love (thanks guys, we love you too!)

For many of you that have followed our journey so far, you will know that we have just embarked on possibly one of the biggest milestones yet… Letterbox Love now has a HQ that isn’t our spare bedroom woo! We want to share with you how we came to this decision and why it became necessary as quickly as it did.

Firstly, working from home is an absolute dream, right? Yes! but for many it’s easy to get distracted, just 2 min to pop another wash on, just hoover the stairs, just nip to the shops… no one will know haha I have been there! When I was in full time employment, I dreamt of a remote working job and I just couldn’t understand why employers insisted on us being in the office!... until now.

Now, I am extremely routined, I love working (I know, weird right!?) but I can’t switch off and poor Liam finds himself propping up the breakfast bar with a sore back and a frazzled mind most days. He came into my so-called office one day, whilst tripping over a few boxes of envelopes in his path and suggested an office to me… the penny dropped! Imagine, our own space to plan, talk all things Letterbox Love and most importantly be present with the business and each other. It was our time to separate home and work. As a married couple, running a business together is amazing but it is so important that we keep both worlds as separate as we can, so, we can still enjoy our relationship and company.

Now for the fun part, Letterbox Love has grown significantly in the last 3 months, every day we have been trialling new things, new marketing strategies, optimising, delving head first into our social media… you may have seen our reels! We have trialled new products, some have flown, some have flopped but the point is we kept trying and we will continue to do so to help our small business grow. We found ourselves at a crossroads, boxes of stock filling every room in the house, we were selling more than ever and needed to buy more stock than ever but we were running out of space and tripping over boxes every morning!


Before Letterbox I was in Recruitment, that meant I saw many different offices. I had this sinking feeling as I remembered some of the sights of these so-called offices and you know for a fact on job adverts, they were described as exciting environment when actually it couldn’t be further from the truth! small, cramped rooms, no windows, the musty smell of cheese from the shared fridge because no one wanted to claim it… yep I had those visions. We made a promise to each other right there and then that if it doesn’t feel right for one of us, we don’t do it, we will wait as long as it takes to find the right space for Letterbox Love.

As you read this, remember we have never done this before, never ran a business to this point and we are guided mostly by gut and instinct. Some of you may have secured a premises for your business from day one, some might wait until their house is literally a warehouse, but you do what you feel is right for you. This was our time, as we take this time to move into our new office, we have clear heads, space for stock, space for preparation, space for stationary, space for us! (and Reggie) Happy days!

It’s time for us to take our little business to the next level, we may have a small business, but we have big dreams, and we will continue to bring out new and exciting products to inspire and empower each other and to fulfil our purpose of posting positivity.